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Get to know the city better with a city tour Lippstadt

historical city tour in Lippstadt

historical city tour in Lippstadt

City tour Lippstadt: Lippstadt offers numerous different town excursions and city tours. One of the most popular tours is the ‚historical guidance‘. It belongs to the classical excursions for the old downtown. The centuries ancient history of the town is told with the help of different exciting stations. The historical town excursions are offered in a regular distance all year round. These excursions are public and can be visited without previous notification. Public appointments of the historical town guidance are during the winter months every 2nd Saturday and in the warm seasons every 2nd Wednesday and Saturday.

You will find the exact appointments and further information on the Internet site of the city Lippstadt. The prices for a public appointment is between € 2 – 4 per person. Nevertheless, you can also announce yourself as a group for a town guidance. Therefore travel groups from the group lodgings in Haus Stallmeister can also enjoy the excursions together. However, the group size should not cross the maximum of 25 people.

The historical town guidance is offered in different languages from Spanish to English, French, Portuguese, Dutch and even Italian. Other excursions distinguish themselves by special aspects of the town. For example, a tree guidance by bicycle. On this occasion, the surrounding places are also included, for example Bad Waldliesborn where Haus Stallmeister is located.

Like that you can do a nice bicycle tour and get to know the town and its surroundings better. The city tour „through the night“ deals with the light promenade in Lippstadt. Also very much liked is the guidance „historical bar tour“ because in Lippstadt there are numerous nice bars that can be discovered together.

City tours for Kids

There are also courses especially for kids. By playful elements and quizes the guided tour becomes an exciting discovery tour. The town excursions in Lippstadt mostly last between one and a half to 2 hours. Haus Stallmeister kindly recommends his guests to take part in one of the town excursions to get to know the city of Lippstadt and its charm better.

Hotel Pension & Appartements Haus Stallmeister is located about 6 km out of town. Bad Waldliesborn is classified as the „prettiest daughter“ of Lippstadt and offers a quiet, relaxed place for your vacation in Lippstadt. Here you can recover from the daily routine stress and nevertheless, within a few minutes of drive you are in the exciting and nice old downtown of Lippstadt.

We are looking forward to your visit and wish you a lot of fun with the city tours in Lippstadt.

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city tour Lippstadt close to the hotel Haus Stallmeister