Bed and Breakfast in Bad Waldliesborn!

A bed and breakfast is often found in Britain. Bed and breakfast are rooms you can rent, which includes breakfast as the only meal provided.

Why choosing bed and breakfast instead of a hotel?

The concept of a bed and breakfast is very appealing to students and singles, who are traveling alone or in groups. The bed and breakfast is an inexpensive alternative to hotels. B&Bs, how they are often called, are perfect for guests who only stay at one place for a single night. The Bed and Breakfast are often a room offered from a private person. Nowadays almost all B&Bs offer Wi-Fi, and almost every B&B offer free parking and snacks. The breakfast which are offered in the B&Bs is usually a delicious home-cooked meal. Rooms in Bed and Breaksfast‘s are individually decorated, each of them with an unique feel.

Bed and Breakfast in Germany

You will find a B&B for a pleasant stay anywhere in Germany. In most B&Bs you can expect a homely atmosphere, only a B&B can offer. There are approximately more than 40 000 B&Bs in Germany. However, please keep in mind, that free Wi-Fi is less common in Germany, than it is in some other countries. In Germany, you can find B&Bs in the following destinations:

  • rooms to rent from private persons

  • on farms

  • guest houses, hostels, mountain cabins

The prices for rooms in an B&B are usually calculated similar to hotels. B&Bs only allow one person to check into a single bedroom. If you‘re traveling with an other person, then a double room may be more cost-effective. The business owners face almost the same cost for a single bedroom and a double bedroom, however the person who checks into a single bedroom has to pay for it alone while the costs for a double room is divided by two persons. Some B&Bs don‘t offer single bedrooms at all.

We from Hotel & Appartement Haus Stallmeister offer rooms in terms of Bed and Breakfast. If you need one room, you can call or e-mail us.

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