History of Lippstadt for hotel guests

The History of Lippstadt to explore

History of Lippstadt worth seeing for guests

History of Lippstadt recommended for hotel guests: The city Lippstadt was founded in the year 1185. Nowadays it is the biggest city in the district of Soest. The different time epochs of the oldest founding city of Westphalia are documented by many monuments. These are to be found especially in the historic core in the centre of Lippstadt. Furthermore, a visit to the historic core is like being in a time machine and shifting to the past time. Additionally, the city was able get prosperous, because of its membership to the prosperous Hanse and its following creation to a tradingtown.

The following monuments are worth a visit for guests and could be a good destination to get to know the history of Lippstadt. There is for example the Marienkirche, the picturesque Stiftsruine, the Burgstraße or the Burgmühle. Also, It is possible to join guided city tours in English, because the employees are speaking English, too. Furthermore, the tours are bookable by your own or in conjunction with a city guide. Therefore, there is the possibility to rent bicycles in the bicycle station that offers you the possibility to rent them for low prices to achieve the various sights in urban areas. Canals, wells and fountains are part of the historic importance of water in Lippstadt and the history of Lippstadt in general.

Journey to the past

Because of that, you can choose between tours in the old town along the water structures. Timbered houses are a proof of past time. As you see, there are many different activities, which have a connection to the past. During the German so called „Hexenverbrennung“, the burning of witches, numerous witches were burned in the castle Stromberg, which also serves as a demonstration of historical elements into today. We recommend you to join the journey of getting to know the interesting history of Lippstadt. If you need any further information like city maps or several arrangements, we will do our best to help you. Moreover we offer you a good stay during your trip in Lippstadt and learning something about the history.

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History of Lippstadt - Information for hotel guests

History of Lippstadt – Information for hotel guests