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Funfair in Lippstadt: Herbstwoche

Carnival in Lippstadt

(Halfpoint/ Funfair in Lippstadt - fun for the whole family

(Halfpoint/ Funfair in Lippstadt – fun for the whole family

Funfair in Lippstadt: The funfair „Herbstwoche“ in Lippstadt has established to an annual event highlight. It is definetly worth a visit for our guests at the hotel and appartements Haus Stallmeister.

Experience a town in the state of emergency. The showmen from all over germany present a really big choice in show booths. Fun rides which will guarantee nine entertaining and turbulent fair days for children and adults as well.

Move yourselves in fair mood and go a round on the Autoscooter or music express. Additionally, you can also look from the Ferris wheel at the town dipped in coloured lights.

Furthermore, the sweet smell of paradise apples, roasted almonds, popcorn,  and other sweets will entice every visitor.

However, before you decide between the different delightful desserts there are some tasty other foods. The big hunger can be satisfied with a Mantaplatte (French fries and roasted sausage in curry-ketchup sauce), Dutch chips, a serving of mushrooms with sauce Hollandaise, Gyros, tasty doner kebab, a pizza or other substantial food.

Also, by this year’s Herbstwoche the „Cocktail Bar Kajüte“ will be next to other festival tents to offer tasty, colourful cocktails and cold drinks to its guests. Also, some Djs and live bands are responsible for a great atmosphere. Tuesday night will be the highlight of the funfair with its traditional fireworks in the park „Grüner Winkel“. After that, wednesday is called Happy Hour wednesday because you can have a ride on a fun ride twice and only pay for one.

Funfair – How to ride for free!

After the official beginning of the first fair day by the tapping of the beer barrel by the mayor, visitors of the Herbstwoche can ride the carousels one hour for free. For this, you can get the vouchers at the bank ‚Sparkasse‘, at the newspaper publishing company ‚Der Patriot‘ or at the town information in the city hall Lippstadt.

Additionally, on both sundays of the Herbstwoche the shops are opened. Thus, you can go through the shops in the downtown of Lippstadt. Our pension and hotel guests can reach the Herbstwoche easily by car or by bus within a short period of time. This year there are special shuttle busses that take guests from Haus Stallmeister safely back to the hotel late at night.

Haus Stallmeister offers visitors of the Herbstwoche in Lippstadt comfortable and cheap accommodations. Further information to our hotel rooms, group lodgings and holiday rentals you will find here.

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(Akhenaton_Images/ The funfair "Herbstwoche" in Lippstadt

(Akhenaton_Images/ The funfair „Herbstwoche“ in Lippstadt